Mijn roots liggen in Afrika. Ik ben er geboren, heb er gewoond en gewerkt.
Ik blijf maar teruggaan naar dit continent en dan geniet ik volop van de pure, ontroerende, open en vriendelijke contacten. Ik blijf me verbazen over de verschillende gebruiken van de vele etnische groepen. Het zijn deze contacten geweest en hun initiatieven die mij geïnspireerd hebben om reizen naar Kenia te organiseren.

Ook de variëteit in het landschap en het fascinerende dierenleven zijn mijn inspiratiebron. Ik vind het fantastisch wanneer de deelnemers de puurheid, de kracht van eenvoud, de schoonheid en fascinatie van dit land ervaren.

Keniaanse begeleiders

De Keniaanse begeleiders hebben een verschillende etnische achtergrond met een eigen cultuur. Dat maakt uitwisseling met hen ook zo boeiend. Ze laten graag bijzondere initiatieven en bezienswaardigheden in hun eigen leefomgeving zien. Voor ons is het een geweldige manier om met de lokale bevolking in contact te komen en een positieve kant van Kenia te ervaren. Zij kennen hun leefomgeving goed en kunnen daardoor veiligheidsrisico's goed inschatten.


I am a native from East Kenya and have been guiding since 1996 and specialized in birds, animals and plants. I work with Spinetail Safaris which is a unique eco-tourism company of professional guides specialising particularly in birding and game safaris.

Albert portret

Further I seek to play an active role in the conservation of the endangered habitats and species. 10% of all proceeds from Spinetail Safari tours is contributed to the Arabuko-Sokoke Schools and Eco-Tourism Scheme (ASSETS). ASSETS is a sponsorship program that directly aids children financially so that they may attend secondary school. This is a local project around the Arabuko-Sokoke Forest and Mida Creek, which benefits the children in the local communities.
I regularly assist in local environmental education programmes in schools, raising awareness about the importance of protecting the environment. As well as contributing to various scientific studies conducted in these vital areas.

Daniel N.

Daniel N. portretI am married and have two children.
I have a Bsc. degree in Wildlife studies.
I am a native of western part of Kenya. This part provides the most scenic and interesting locations and yet not discovered by tourists. I would love to show and accompany people in this area and also share culture differences.

Besides undertaking guided tours across the country, I work to improve multifaceted community development project that is aiming at transforming communities suffering from inhumane poverty into places of opportunity that provide basic care and elevate living standards by educating and empowering community members through series sustainable inter-dependent programs. The achievement this through seeking Education sponsorship for orphans in Rusinga Island-an Island that is faced with HIV/AIDS where prevalence is at 41%. 

portret Lucy

I am married and have three children. I followed a permaculture course and worked several years in organic agriculture.
I participated in workshops guiding students practically.
It is my pleasure to be involved in the tour and cook tasty local organice meals for the customers. 


Daniel W.

Daniel W. portret

I am the chairman of Seed Savers Kenya Network in Gilgil. I am married and have four children. Currently I am writing a thesis for my master's degree in agriculture and rural development. 

I want our visitors to experience different aspects of our heritage apart from our National Parks.
I want them to experience our food, our culture, and involve organic farming communities in the tourism industry so that they could also get to interact with people of diverse backgrounds from all over the globe for sharing of experiences.